Isodrops can now be bought in person in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia.

Nutriplus and the FisioeSport physiotherapy centre are both based in Reggio Emilia. Thanks to a special partnership between the two, both flavours of Isodrops (Orange and Wild Berries) are now available in the latter’s premises at 15 Via Goffredo Mameli.

The partnership is built on the strong local roots of the two companies and the great importance that they both place on physical wellbeing in sport.

FisioeSport is a rapidly expanding physiotherapy centre that already has significant experiences with up-and-coming sporting talents to its name. For example, it has worked with Yassin Bouih, a promising Italian athlete who showed his capabilities in March 2017 when he reached the final of the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade.

Both the rehabilitation centre and Nutriplus (the manufacturer of Isodrops) are dedicated to the world of sport in general. FisioeSport provides invaluable assistance to the top Italian Paralympic swimmer Cecilia Camellini, who won a silver medal at Rio 2016.

Thanks to its reputation as a prominent, effective centre, as of this year FisioeSport has played a leading role in Sassuolo Calcio’s Europa League games at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia.

FisioeSport is an official service provider for UEFA referees who come to Reggio Emilia for Sassuolo Calcio’s Europa League matches.

Nutriplus is extremely pleased with its ties with FisioeSport. After all, partnerships like this flourish naturally when they are built on a shared passion for work and quality.