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Personal data processing notice (art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003)

Data Subjects: Users of the Private Area of the Website.

Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (the “Italian Personal Data Protection Code”, hereinafter referred to as the “Data Protection Code”), as the Data Controller responsible for processing your personal data, Nutriplus srl hereby informs you that the Data Protection Code provides protection for natural and other persons during personal data processing and requires the processing to be carried out in accordance with the principles of integrity, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your confidentiality and rights.

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the legislative provisions and the confidentiality requirements of the Data Protection Code.

Processing aims – your data will be processed for purposes associated with the following procedures, in order to meet legislative and contractual requirements:

  • For billing purposes.
  • Website registration and e-commerce service management.

The data processing carried out in order to meet these requirements is a necessary part of a properly managed relationship. The data must be provided in order for the abovementioned aims to be met. Please note that failure to provide the required information or the provision of incorrect information may prevent the Data Controller from processing the data in a suitable manner.

Processing methods – your personal data may be processed in the following ways:

  • Processing with computers.

All processing is carried out in accordance with the methods described in article 11 and article 31 et seq. of the Data Protection Code, while complying with the technical regulations in Annex B for the minimum security measures.

Communication: your data will be stored at our head office and they will only be disclosed to the relevant parties in order to carry out the services required for proper management of our relationship with you, with guaranteed protection of your rights.

Your data will only be processed by staff who are expressly authorized to do so by the Data Controller. More specifically, the data will be processed by the following types of figures:

  • Programmers and Analysts.

Your data may be disclosed to third parties, and in particular to:

  • Website maintenance companies.
  • PayPal for the payment service.

Circulation: Your personal data will not be circulated in any way.

Data Controller: for all legal purposes, the Data Controller is Nutriplus srl (Via Don Luigi Sturzo 4B 42013 Casalgrande (RE), Italy; email:; telephone: +39 3471217596) represented by its legal representative pro tempore.

You have the right to ask the Data Controller to delete, disclose, update, correct and supplement personal data about you. More generally speaking, you can exercise all of the rights provided for by art. 7 of the Data Protection Code, a copy of which can be found below.

Furthermore, at any time you can find the latest version of this notice at

Italian Legislative Decree no.196/2003: Art. 7 – Right to Access Personal Data and Other Rights

1. Data subjects have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them exist (regardless of whether they have been recorded yet) and to be provided with such data in intelligible form.

2. Data subjects have the right to be informed:

  1. a) of the source of the personal data.
  1. b) of the purposes and methods of the processing.
  1. c) of the logic applied if the processing is carried out with the aid of electronic instruments.
  1. d) of the identities of the Data Controller, the data processors and the representative designated as per article 5, section 2.
  1. e) of the persons or categories of persons to whom the personal data may be disclosed or who may learn about the data in their capacities as designated representatives in the national territory, data processors or persons in charge of the processing.

3. Data subjects have the right to ask:

  1. a) for data to be updated, corrected or, if they wish, supplemented.
  1. b) for data that have been processed unlawfully (including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently processed) to be deleted, anonymized or blocked.
  1. c) for certification to the effect that the persons to whom the data were provided or disclosed have been notified of the operations as per sections a) and b), unless this proves impossible or involves manifestly disproportionate effort compared with the right that is to be protected.

4. Data subjects have the right to object, in whole or in part:

  1. a) on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data about them, even when the data are relevant to the purpose of the collection.
  1. b) to the processing of personal data about them that are used for sending advertising materials, direct selling or carrying out commercial communication or market research.



  1. Subject


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as the “General Conditions”) apply for online purchases from the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).


The distance selling system described in these General Conditions is exclusively for the use of consumers, as defined in article 3, section 1, part a) of Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005 (as subsequently amended by Italian Legislative Decree 21/2014).


The Owner of the Website is NUTRIPLUS SRL, which has its registered office at Via Don Luigi Sturzo 4B 42013 Casalgrande (RE), Italy, is listed in the Reggio Emilia Register of Companies and has the VAT no./Tax Code no. 02600910356 and the email address




If consumers wish to receive email newsletters from the website and promotional materials, they must expressly give their consent for the delivery of emails from the website and the processing of their personal data. At any time, consumers can opt out of the delivery of email newsletters and promotional emails by clicking on the “Unsubscribe or cancel registration” link at the bottom of email newsletters and promotional emails.


  1. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale


All product purchases made through the Website (hereinafter referred to as “Purchase Agreements”) by customers who access it (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”) are subject to these General Conditions and Section II (Distance Contracts, articles 49 – 67) of the Italian Consumer Code (Italian Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, as subsequently amended by Italian Legislative Decree no. 21 of 21/02/2014) and the Italian electronic commerce regulations (Italian Legislative Decree 70/2003).

By following the relevant procedures and entering into Purchase Agreements, Customers accept and commit to complying with these General Conditions.

Therefore, before making purchases of any kind, Customers should read these General Conditions carefully. Furthermore, once they have completed the purchase procedures on the Website, Customers should print these General Conditions, save a digital copy of them or store them in some other way in accordance with their own preferences and the distance selling regulations in force.

NUTRIPLUS SRL can alter the contents of the General Conditions at any time, with no prior warning. Each Purchase Agreement will be subject to the General Conditions published on the Website at the time the order was made by the Customer.


  1. Products is a website that sells dietary supplements (hereinafter referred to as “Products”).

Comprehensive information about all of the Products in the electronic catalogue can be found in the respective sections (divided by Product categories) on the home page of the Website.

Pictures of the Products on the Website, where provided, are in most cases rendered 3D reconstructions of the Products that are used purely for illustrative purposes to support sales. NUTRIPLUS SRL offers no commitments or guarantees regarding the correspondence of the portrayals on the Website with the actual Products, particularly in terms of the actual size and/or colours of the Products and/or packaging. If the product pictures and the descriptions on the Website do not correspond, the latter shall always prevail.


  1. Purchase procedure

Customers can buy Products from the NUTRIPLUS SRL electronic catalogue, as mentioned above, by following the technical access procedures illustrated therein. By publishing the Products on its Website, NUTRIPLUS SRL is inviting Customers to make contractual purchase offers. By sending Orders, Customers are making contractual offers and stating that they are fully aware and accept all of these General Conditions.

When an offer from a Customer is successfully received by NUTRIPLUS SRL, the latter will send an automatic reply to the email address provided by the Customer, which will serve solely to confirm that the offer has been successfully registered in NUTRIPLUS SRL’s computer system.

The message sent will contain an “order code” which must be stated in all subsequent correspondence with NUTRIPLUS SRL.

In addition to the information required by Law, the message will contain all of the details entered by the Customer, who must check that they are correct and promptly inform NUTRIPLUS SRL of any corrections that are required.

The Customer shall be solely and fully liable for any increases in costs resulting from data errors that are not reported promptly.

Details of each order will appear in the Customer’s personal area of the Website as soon as the order has been made. Orders can be cancelled at any time until a confirmation email from NUTRIPLUS SRL arrives.

The Products on offer may not always be available. If some or all of the Products chosen by a Customer are not available, the Customer will be notified and any products from the order that are available will then be shipped.

Payments with “PayPal” simply require authorization (see “Payment Methods in section 9 below) to reserve the amount due, but no money is actually taken at the time when a Customer makes an order. The Customer will only be charged for the amount owed when NUTRIPLUS SRL begins processing the order.

Therefore, if a Customer cancels an order before NUTRIPLUS SRL has begun processing it (by sending a request to the Customer Service team) no money will be charged and consequently NUTRIPLUS SRL will not have to issue a refund.

The Customer shall be deemed to have entered into a Purchase Agreement with NUTRIPLUS SRL once the latter has accepted the order.

At its own discretion, NUTRIPLUS SRL has the right to decide whether or not to accept orders made by Customers. If NUTRIPLUS SRL declines to accept an order, the Customer shall have no right to refunds or compensation or to make claims of any kind.

In particular, NUTRIPLUS SRL reserves the right to decline purchase offers and cancel orders for which it is not confident that sufficient funds are available or if – having consulted the credit card payment service provider – it notes anomalies in the transactions and means of payment used by the Customer.

An order confirmation will be sent to the Customer when the Products are handed over to the courier responsible for delivering them and the invoice is issued.


  1. Product prices

The prices of all of the Products are clearly stated on the Website.

Suitably prominent details of the delivery charges will be provided when an order is made.

The costs of deliveries may vary, depending on the delivery and payment methods, as well as the destination and the total cost of each order.


  1. Delivery methods

NUTRIPLUS SRL delivers to all of the countries listed on the Website.

All items that are purchased online are sent by “express” delivery using trusted shipping companies and/or couriers.

All Products ordered will be sent to the address provided by the Customer.

Deliveries are made during normal office hours from Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays.

Deliveries shall be deemed complete when the Products are placed at the Customer’s disposal at the address specified in the order form.

Products are normally delivered by the end of the second working day after the day on which an order is processed and payment is made.

The term “delivery date” refers to the date of the first attempt to consign the goods at the recipient’s address. If the recipient is not present at the specified address, the courier will leave an attempted delivery note with contact details to use in order to arrange delivery of the products.

Following the second working day after the day on which an order is processed and payment is made (or if an order is cancelled by NUTRIPLUS SRL because it is not possible to complete it in the stated time), the Customer shall have the right to have the amount paid refunded within ten working days of the request.

Customers can ask for a refund by sending an email to and including the word “refund” and the codes of the credit card transaction in the subject.

At the time of delivery, Customers can refuse to accept packages that are open, show signs of tampering or seem to have had their contents changed. Customers who exercise this right must make a complaint to NUTRIPLUS SRL within 48 hours of the delivery by sending an email to that includes the word “complaint” in the subject and states the reasons and/or a list of the faulty goods.

Products are accompanied by a delivery note, which is essential for exercising the right to cancel (see section 10 below).

NUTRIPLUS SRL will issue an invoice for the Products bought no later than the time when the Products are handed over to the courier for delivery. This invoice will be sent to the Customer by email.

The information provided by the Customer will be used to issue the invoice.

Once the invoice has been issued, it will not be possible to change any of the information.

The Customer shall not be able to hold NUTRIPLUS SRL liable in any way if there are delays in the dispatching of the order or the delivery of the Products covered by Purchase Agreements.


  1. Delivery charges

The cost of the “express” delivery service for the products purchased will depend on their weight, which is automatically calculated by the Website for each order and added to the cost of the products.

The delivery costs that are calculated in this way shall be paid using the same payment method chosen for the Products ordered (see section 9).

No delivery charges will apply for orders amounting to €80.00 or more.


  1. Liability

NUTRIPLUS SRL shall not accept liability from any parties for damage, losses, costs or disruption caused by force majeure or extraordinary events such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and/or lock-outs, earthquakes, floods and similar circumstances that fully or partly prevent orders from being processed in the time established by an agreement. In cases such as these, the Customer shall only have the right to a refund of the amount paid.


  1. Payment Methods

All payments are made by PayPal.

PayPal is a safe, instant online payment system.

Customers are redirected to the website, where they can access their accounts by entering their personal email addresses and passwords. PayPal protects the buyer’s information because no financial details are shared.

After registering, users can make payments without having to enter their data again, even during subsequent purchases.

When payments are made with PayPal, the amount owed is taken directly from the Customer’s credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or prepaid card (such as Postepay). PayPal sends a confirmation email for every transaction. Please note that the amount owed will be taken from the Customer’s PayPal account at the time when order processing begins. When an order is made on the Website, there will be an authorization request in order to establish whether there are sufficient funds in the Customer’s PayPal account, but no money will be charged. If an order is cancelled, the amount paid will be refunded in the Customer’s PayPal account.

People who do not have PayPal accounts can also purchase items through PayPal by simply using a credit card or a prepaid card.

Customers who do not have a PayPal account but want to pay for an item with PayPal can simply enter their credit card details at the Check Out.



  1. Right to cancel

Purchases made on the Website are subject not only to these General Conditions but also to the Italian law on distance selling. Pursuant to art. 52 et seq. of Italian Legislative Decree 21/2014 (the Italian Consumer Code), retail Customers (i.e. natural persons who buy goods for purposes that are not related to professional activities and therefore do not provide a VAT number) have the right to cancel a Purchase Agreement for any reason and without giving an explanation, in accordance with the conditions described below. In order to exercise this right, within 14 (fourteen) working days of the receipt of the goods, Customers must send an email stating that they wish to cancel the agreement to or click here to download a cancellation form and send it. Goods returned by Customers exercising the right to cancel must be intact. Essentially, goods must be returned in a normal state of preservation. Once NUTRIPLUS SRL has checked the integrity of returned Products, it will refund the entire amount paid for them under the terms of the cancelled Purchase Agreement within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days of the arrival of the returned Products. NUTRIPLUS SRL will refund the entire amount charged for the order (or part of the amount in the event of partial returns) by bank transfer or using another method agreed by NUTRIPLUS SRL and the Customer.

Please note that in accordance with the relevant regulations in force, NUTRIPLUS SRL will refund the amount paid by the Customer for the Products. The Customer shall pay any costs incurred when returning the Products to NUTRIPLUS SRL.


  1. Non-conforming products and faulty products

The Products on offer on the Website comply with the EU and national legislation in force in Italy.

The pictures and colours of the Products published on the Website may not correspond exactly to the real Products due to the local settings of the systems and/or instruments used to view them.

If the Products purchased do not conform to the description published on the Website or they are faulty, NUTRIPLUS SRL will immediately replace them at its own expense.


  1. Personal data processing

Customer data are processed by NUTRIPLUS SRL in accordance with the provisions of the personal data protection regulations in force, as specified in the “Personal data processing notice” section of this Website.


  1. Correspondence and complaints

All correspondence and any Customer complaints about Purchase Agreements must be sent to NUTRIPLUS SRL within 14 (fourteen) working days of the receipt of the goods by sending an email to or clicking here to download a complaint form and sending it.


  1. Intellectual property rights

All trademarks (registered and unregistered) and any and all creative works, distinguishing features, names, images, photographs, written and graphic texts and more generally speaking any other intangible assets that are reproduced on the Website and protected by international conventions and laws on intellectual property and industrial property shall remain the exclusive property of NUTRIPLUS SRL and/or its assignors, while accessing the Website and/or entering into Purchase Agreements shall not give Customers any right to them. Any use of the abovementioned intellectual and industrial property in full or partial form is strictly forbidden without prior written authorization from NUTRIPLUS SRL and/or its assignors, who shall exclusively retain all of the associated rights.


  1. Competent court

Any disputes about the interpretation and execution of agreements made under the terms of these General Conditions shall be resolved before the competent Judicial Authorities in accordance with the relevant regulations for “retail customers”, whereas for “professional customers” the court of Reggio Emilia shall have jurisdiction.